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Oh Dear, There’s Nothing Down Below, Except Burst Pipes And Flooding Water

Imagine the shock and surprise when this happens. It is hoped at this time that you have never experienced such a disaster. But should you have, you wouldn’t mind sharing some of the traumatic events you went through. This would be purely for the benefit of others who have yet to take advantage of all the essentials related to trenchless pipe repair. Because of your experience, you have gone with this. You will also know well by now that in order for a full trenchless pipe repair to be carried out, it has to be done by the professionals.

These are not your common or garden plumbers, you know, the guys who always seem to have their jeans riding down the back of their buttocks. It may seem gross to you at this point in time, but the work left behind was even more gross. Not just gross, but an absolute disaster. Your insurance provider was certainly not impressed, so much so, that he even undercut the assessor’s report and, of course, hiked your premiums.

It seemed highly, or should that be, grossly, unfair at the time, but you get this now, it was well within the rights of the underwriters to, let’s just say, treat you unfairly. You know this well by now; always read the terms and conditions of your domestic and/or commercial insurance contract. You have also noted that insurance companies value the input, expertise and service meted out by professional, qualified, accredited and nationally recognized technicians.

trenchless pipe repair

Note this, if you are one of those new to the essential requirements, a trenchless pipe repair, if it becomes necessary, can only be carried out by qualified technicians. The same goes for regular maintenance and inspections.